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Lincoln Electric System (Residential) - Sustainable Energy Program

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Attic and/or Exterior Wall Frame Insulation: $1,000

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Heat Pump (15.0 to 16.99 SEER): $150/ton
Heat Pump (17 SEER to 20.99 SEER): $500/ton
Heat Pump (21 SEER to 23.99 SEER): $750/ton
Heat Pump (24 SEER or higher): $1000/ton
Air Conditioner (17 SEER to 20.99 SEER): $250/ton
Air Conditioner (21 SEER to 23.99 SEER): $500/ton
Air Conditioner (24 SEER or higher): $750/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump (12 EER to 13.9 EER): $150/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump (14 EER to 17.99 EER): $500/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump (18 EER to 20.9 EER): $750/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump (21.0 EER or higher): $1,000/ton
Attic and/or Exterior Frame Wall Insulation: $0.50 per sq. ft. for attics and $0.80 per sq. ft. for exterior frame walls. Blower door test costs are not covered by the program

Lincoln Electric System

Lincoln Electric System (LES) offers several rebates to residential customers who are interested in upgrading to energy efficient household equipment. The program includes rebates for insulation upgrades as well as heating and cooling upgrades. Funding is limited and offered a first-come, first-served basis. Up to $1,000 is available for insulation upgrades and $150 - $1000 per ton of cooling capacity is available on heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps and air conditioners. A rebate of $500/kW reduced is also available for eligible lighting projects. All program guidelines must be met in order to receive rebate. Contact LES for further program information or to reserve rebates.

Please see the program web site for more information and access to applications.

Other Information 

Heat Pump: Minimum 15.0 SEER, eligible for new or existing homes
Air Conditioner: Minimum 17.0 SEER, eligible for new or existing homes
Insulation: Initial requirement of no exterior frame wall insulation and/or R-19 or less in attic. Upgrade must be at least R-13 for exterior frame walls and R-49 for attics, pre and post blower door test required.