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Lakeview Light and Power - Energy Smart Grocer Rebate Program

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Funding Source 

Lakeview Light and Power and Bonneville Power Administration

Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Varies by technology

Lakeview Light and Power

Lakeview Light and Power, in association with the Bonneville Power Administration, offers the Energy Smart Program through which grocery stores, convenient stores, and similar vendors can save energy through energy efficiency upgrades and retrofits. Customers receive a free complete energy analysis of the facility’s refrigeration and lighting, and a customized report that outlines potential energy savings, rebate amounts, retrofit costs, and simple paybacks. The EnergySmart Program then provides over sixty rebates for a wide variety of energy saving measures. [ Eligible technologies] include: Auto-closers, cases, lighting, commercial refrigerators and freezers, condensers and compressors, commercial cooking equipment, gaskets, motors, strip curtains, vending machine controllers, and HVAC. The [ rebate application] can be found on the program web site.

Other Information 

See program web site