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JEA - Clean Power Program

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Solar Photovoltaics
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Municipal Solid Waste
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Renewables Portfolio Standard
In November 1999, JEA, a municipal utility, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Sierra Club and the American Lung Association of Florida to formalize the municipal utility's commitment to generate at least 7.5% of its electric capacity from green energy sources by 2015. Eligible renewable-energy resources include solar, biomass, biogas (methane from landfills and sewage treatment plants), and wind, as well as specific efficiency projects (which are located at JEA facilities where improvements made result in additional power output with no additional fuel input).

In addition, under the Solar Incentive Program, JEA offers a rebate for residential and commercial solar water heating systems. JEA also provides training and curricula to high school teachers to educate students about solar energy.