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Indianapolis Power and Light - Business Energy Incentives Program

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Custom Incentives: 30% of project costs or 50% of incremental costs, up to $25,000
Targeted Projects exceeding $20,000 must be evaluated by the Business Energy Incentives Program for funding availability.

Program Info
Start Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Pumps: $22.50 - $300/pump
Central Air Conditioning/Heat Pumps (Rooftop/Unitary): $35/ton
Water Heater: $20
Window Film: $1/sq ft
Guestroom Energy Management Controls: $80 (electrically heated); $30 (gas heated)
T8 High Performance Lamps (T12/T8 Replacement): $3 - $25/fixture
T8 High Performance Lamps (HID Replacement): $30 - $120/fixture
T5 Lamps with Electronic Ballasts: $5 (T12 Replacement); $75 (HID Replacement)
Pulse-Start Metal Halide: $30
Ceramic Metal Halide: $10 - $30
Energy Star LED Lamp (MR16 and Reflector): $10
Energy Star LED Downlighting: $15
CFL Fixtures: $9 (Incandescent Replacement); $50 (HID Replacement)
Tubular Skylight/Light Tube: $75
LED Exit Signs: $10/fixture
LED Case Lighting: $50/door
LED Case Lighting Sensor Controls: $10
LED Signals: $12.50-$25
Occupancy Sensors: $25-$40/sensor
LED Outdoor/Parking Garage Fixtures: $100 - $400
LED Exterior/Induction Lighting: $45 - $200
Custom Incentives: $0.05/kWh and $200 per kW reduction

IPL Business Energy Incentives Program

The Indiana Power and Light Business (IPL) Energy Incentives Program assists commercial and industrial customers with reducing energy consumption through three common types of equipment: lighting, motors and pumps (for HVAC and Processing Equipment). The program also offers Custom Incentives to provide incentives for energy efficiency projects involving other technologies. Participants interested in the Custom program should define the project and submit an application early, as they must be pre-screened and pre-approved while the targeted incentives do not unless they exceed $20,000 in rebates. Once an application gains approval, an incentive is reserved until project completion. Contact IPL for more information on this offering.

Other Information 

24 Program Requirements on the Lighting Incentives Application denote equipment eligibility.