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Income Tax Deduction for Energy-Efficient Products

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Not to exceed $500

Program Info
Start Date 


Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Personal Deduction
Rebate Amount 

20% of the sales tax paid by an individual

Virginia Department of Taxation

This incentive is available for dishwashers, clothes washers, air conditioners, ceiling fans, compact fluorescent light bulbs, dehumidifiers, programmable thermostats or refrigerators that meet or exceed federal Energy Star standards. Purchases of fuel cells that generate electricity using an electrochemical process, have an electricity-only generation efficiency greater than 35%, and have a generating capacity of at least two kilowatts(kW) are also eligible for the deduction.

For taxable years beginning in 2007, individuals may claim a deduction of 20%, up to $500, on their state income tax return for sales tax paid to purchase certain energy-efficient products listed on this [ web site].

''Note: Certain EPA "Watersense" products may also qualify.''

Other Information 

Must meet federal Energy Star efficiency requirements