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Hazardous Materials and Controlled Hazardous Substances (Maryland)

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Environmental Regulations
Maryland Department of the Environment

A permit is required to own, establish, operate, or maintain a facility in the state of Maryland that transfers quantities of a single hazardous material in excess of 100,000 pounds at any time during a calendar year. The Department of the Environment is responsible for administrative oversight of such facilities and their operations, and for enacting relevant regulations. Section 7-201 et seq. Of this legislation applies to low-level nuclear waste and other substances that the Department of the Environment may choose to define under this subtitle. Facilities defined as managing controlled hazardous substances include nuclear waste facilities and may include operating landfills. The Department has the authority to issue, modify, and revoke orders and permits pertaining to hazardous waste facilities, generation, and discharges, and sets operational and design standards for hazardous waste facilities. This legislation contains more specific information on the application and permitting process, and the transportation of hazardous waste. A separate permit is required for each facility. This legislation also establishes an Advisory Council to assist the Department in developing rules and regulations pertaining to controlled hazardous substances. The establishment or operation of a high-level nuclear waste facility for the treatment, permanent storage, or disposal of any high-level nuclear waste or transuranic waste is prohibited, except by federal, state, and local public agencies.