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Gulf Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency EarthCents Program

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Heat Pumps
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Utility Rebate Program
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Energy Audit: Free
HVAC and Hotel Room Occupancy Sensors: $75/unit
Interior Lighting: $0.15/watt
Air Source A/C or Heat Pump: $150/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump: $300 - $500/ton
Hybrid Geothermal Heat Pumps: $250/ton
Water Heaters: $125/1,000 BTU/h
Window Film: $1/sq. ft.
Insulation: $0.15/sq. ft.
Cool Roof: $0.50/sq. ft.
Lighting Occupancy Sensors: $20/unit
LED Lighting: $0.30/watt
Motors: $25/HP
Convection Ovens: $350
Fryers: $200
Griddles: $300
Steamers: $750
Holding Cabinets: $300
Ice Machines: $100

Gulf Power Company

Gulf Power offers a program to make customer businesses more energy efficient through do-it-yourself professionally installed efficiency measures. First, the utility conducts a free analysis of the home's energy efficiency and identifies ways to use less energy and save money. Contact the utility for assistance with scheduling an energy audit. Business customers can also use a free Commercial Energy Analysis Tool to estimate cost savings for commercial structures. Through the Custom Solutions program, advanced energy services and energy efficient equipment including energy use analysis, design, and construction of energy efficiency projects are provided, and Real Time Pricing programs may also encourage less electricity consumption during peak demand periods.

Other Information 

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