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GreyStone Power - Solar Water Heating Program

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Solar Water Heat
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Utility Rebate Program
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GreyStone Power

GreyStone Power, an electricity cooperative serving 103,000 customers in Georgia, introduced a solar water heating rebate in March 2009. This $500 rebate is available to customers regardless of their current method of heating water. A list of preferred contractors is provided by GreyStone.

GreyStone will install monitoring equipment with the system to monitor system output and performance and will share this information with the customer. Contact Greystone for [ more information, inlcuding program requirements].

Other Information 

System must be certified OG-300 by the Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC)
System must have freeze protection (closed loop or drain back design)
System must have electric backup with minimum 80 gallon storage capacity