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Georgia Power - Energy Efficiency Home Improvement Rebates

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

All Incentives: 50% of cost
Whole House Improvements: $2,200
Individual Improvements: $700

Program Info
Start Date 


Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Programmable Thermostat: $100
BPI Assessment: $200
Whole House Improvements: 50%
Air Sealing: $400
Attic Insulation: $300
Knee Wall Insulation: $150
Floor/Foundation Wall Insulation: $200
Crawlspace/Rim Joist Insulation: $100
Duct Sealing: $400
Heat Pump Water Heater: $250
Central AC or Heat Pump Replacement: $50-$100
Furnace to Heat Pump Conversion: $200 - $400
Room AC: $25
Refrigerator Recycling: $35
CFLs: in-store discounts

Georgia Power offers up to $2200 in rebates to customers who choose to improve home performance with whole building BPI certified efficiency measures or up to $700 for individual improvements from its list of prescriptive measures. Home owners should hire "Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractors" to make energy efficiency improvements in their homes. These contractors are certified by the Building Performance Institute and are registered with Georgia Power as participating contractors. To qualify, first customers must choose a contractor from Georgia Power's list of Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractors. After discussing the homeowner's concerns, the contractor will conduct a home performance assessment and determine what improvements are to be completed within the home. The homeowner authorizes the contractor to conduct the energy efficiency improvements. The homeowner is responsible for all contractor costs for the assessment and improvements.

Once the work is complete and the customer has paid the contractor, the contractor submits the rebate forms to Georgia Power on behalf of the customer for the corresponding rebates. For additional information about this program, please visit the website above or contact any of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Contractors.

Other Information 

Insulation and Sealing: See Program Brochure
Central AC: 16 SEER minimum
Room AC: Energy Star
Heat Pump: 13 SEER minimum
Heat Pump Water Heater: 2.0 First Hour Rating minimum, 50 gallon minimum