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Georgia Interfaith Power and Light - Energy Improvement Grants (Georgia)

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Solar Water Heat
Program Info
Funding Source 

The Kendeda Fund

Program Type 
Non-Profit Grant Program
Georgia Interfaith Power and Light

Georgia Interfaith Power and Light (GIPL) offers grants of up to $10,000 to congregations or faith-based communities, including faith-based schools. Grant funds may be used for energy conservation measures recommended after receiving an energy audit through GIPL. Organizations receiving grants must provide an equal match of money toward the energy improvements. Matching funds can include creation care funds, capital improvements funds, building funds, tithes, loans or in-kind services. Grant funds must be used for the authorized projects within one year of the grant award. Recipients are required to submit energy data into a Monthly Bills Tracking System as well as submit a follow-up report one year after the projects are completed.

Applications are due by either May 15 or November 15 of each year, and materials are available on the program web site. Applicants must first have an energy audit through GIPL [ Power Wise program].