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Forestry Policies (Florida)

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Environmental Regulations
Florida Forest Service

Florida's Forest Service completed in 2010 its study "Economic Impact Analysis of Woody Biomass Utilization for Bioenergy in Florida". The study summarizes the estimated economic benefits of utilizing forest residues for energy generation and includes economic analysis of several existing and potential state and federal incentives related to forest biomass utilization.

Florida has been considering a Renewable Portfolio Standard for the state for several years but as of yet no legislation has been developed. It is expected that such a policy would rely in large part on the state's woody biomass resources. The University of Florida conducted a study summarized in the 2010 report "Woody Biomass for Electricity Generation in Florida: Bioeconomic Impacts Under a Proposed Renewable Portfolio Standard Mandate":

The study summarizes potential impacts of an RPS policy for the state with regard to the forestry sector.

The Florida Rural Development Program, through the State Forest Service, provides technical assistance for rural forest-based projects, and provides communication between organizations that provide financial support for such projects: