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Energy Efficiency Resource Standard

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Solar Water Heat
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Energy Efficiency Resource Standard
Public Service Commission of Wisconsin

In March 2006, Wisconsin enacted Act 141 (2005), which requires the commission to revise goals, priorities, and measurable targets for energy efficiency programs every 4 years. An order issued by the Public Service Commission (PSC) in November 2010 set annual percentage targets for electricity and natural gas reductions for the first 4-year planning period (2011-2014). Funding is provided by ratepayers to the utilities' statewide energy efficiency program (Focus on Energy) in order to achieve these goals, with the funding levels increasing each year. However, in 2011, the legislature enacted Act 32, which repealed higher funding levels for the energy efficiency standard. Utilities are required to spend 1.2% of annual operating revenues to fund both energy efficiency and renewable energy programs. Because of the funding restriction, the PSC issued an order in January 2012 to remove the annual percentage reductions and set annual kWh and therm reduction goals for Focus on Energy programs. The 2011-2014 net annual electric energy savings goal is 1,816,320,000 kWh and the net annual natural gas savings goal is 73,040,000 therms. The program administrator is contractually obligated (Docket 9501-FE-116) to meet these savings goals, and the contract may be terminated by the state if the program administrator fails to meet the terms of the contract. The program administrator can receive a bonus (Professional Fee) for satisfactory performance of the work.

An [ evaluation] completed in November 2012 showed that Focus on Energy did not meet its 2011 goal. Focus has through 2014 to meet the four-year goal.