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Energy Efficiency Goals

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Note: On November 25, 2014, the Florida Public Service Commission (FPSC) approved new numerical conservation goals for five of the seven utilities subject to the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (FEECA) proposed in Document No. 06299-14 (Attachment C). The new goals are for the years 2015 through 2024. The revised numerical goals are based in part on a change in cost-effectiveness methodology and a change in avoided cost ratesThe two remaining FEECA utilities (the Orlando Utilities Commission and Florida Public Utilities Company) must file their own goals on a "proxy basis" (i.e. as a proportion of the approved goals of Gulf Power and Tampa Electric) within ten days of the issuance of a Final Order in the docket. While the FPSC did approve the new goals, a Final Order has not yet been issued. The summary below represents the goals prior to the FPSC's most recent decision.


In 1980, Florida enacted the Florida Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act (FEECA), creating Florida Statutes Section 366.80-366.85 and Section 403.519. Section 366.82(6) requires the Florida Public Service Commission to review the conservation goals of each utility subject to FEECA at least every five years. Most recently, goals were established on December 30, 2009 with the passage of Order No. PSC-09-0855-FOF-EG. Utilities whose annual sales amount to less than 2,000 GWh as of July 1, 1993 are not subject to FEECA. This leaves all five Florida investor-owned utilities (Florida Power & Light Company, Progress Energy Florida Inc., Tampa Electric Company, Gulf Power Company, Florida Public Utilities Company) and two municipal utilities (Orlando Utilities Commission and Jacksonville Electric Authority) under the authority of the law.

Electric Energy Reduction Goals

The Florida PSC approved annual goals for each utility for summer peak reduction, winter peak reduction, and overall annual sales reductions. Goals for individual utilities for each specific year can be found in the PSC order. The total goals from 2010-2019 are to use conservation to meet:

  • 1,937 MW in winter peak demand
  • 3,024 MW in summer peak demand
  • 7,842 GWh in annual sales

The goals set by the PSC were higher than each utility’s proposed goals. Neither incentives nor penalties were established with the 2009 Order, but may revisit the issue in the future. Each utility had 90 days from the date of issuance of the Order to file a demand-side management plan to meet the goals set by the PSC. Each utility must report out on efficiency goal status to the Florida legislature annually.