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Energy Efficiency Fund (Gas) - Home Energy Solutions and Performance Programs

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The Energy Efficiency Fund, funded by Connecticut's public benefits charge, provides home energy efficiency rebate programs to customers of The Connecticut Light and Power Company and The United Illuminating Company, Connecticut Natural Gas, Southern Connecticut Gas, and Yankeegas customers.

The Home Energy Solutions Program provides weatherization assistance to any gas/electric heating customer for a reduced fee, including envelope assessments (blower door and duct tests) and repair. A contractor authorized by your local utility conducts the inspections and modifications.

The Home Energy Performance Program provides rebates based on cost and energy savings for combined, multiple energy efficiency measures and upgrades. Single or multi-family projects can are eligible. Multi-family projects can include common area or individual unit measures, and may involve more than one decision maker for projects. Costs associated with switching fuels are not covered, and measures must be replacing operational inefficient equipment. Contact CEEF or your utility for more information on these programs.

*Low-cost equipment replacement financing is available to customers who make equipment, insulation or air sealing upgrades while renovating as a result of Hurricane Sandy damage. Additionally, $3,000,000 in short-term funding has been made available for residents and businesses replacing furnaces, boilers, hot water heaters and refrigerators as a result of damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Other Information 

Appliances must be ENERGY STAR rated.
Water Heater: indirect connection to an Energy Star rated boiler OR on-demand system with electronic ignition with 82% efficiency rating .
Furnace: retrofits only; 92% or better efficiency; ECM fan level of 2% or less; 90 day installation period from date of HES appointment.