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Eagle County - Eagle County Efficient Building Code (ECO-Green Build)

Multi-Family Residential
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Building Energy Code
Eagle County

In an effort to reduce county-wide energy consumption and improve the environment, Eagle County established their own efficient building code (ECO-Green Build) which applies to all new construction and renovations/additions over 50% of the existing floor area of single-family and multifamily residences, and commercial buildings.

The code is based on a point system with points awarded for various energy efficient and renewable energy equipment, as well as sustainable design and construction techniques. The amount of points required by the code for single-family homes ranges from 40 to 100, increasing with floor area. The code also applies to exterior energy uses such as snowmelt, spas, and pools, and applies a fee for such amenities unless an onsite renewable energy system offsets their energy use. Commercial and multifamily buildings must score at least 70 points.

Homes and businesses which fail to achieve the level of points required by the code are subject to a fine which is a function of the number of points missed and the floor area of the home. Conversely, building projects which achieve more points than required by the code may receive a 25% rebate on the permit fee, not to exceed $5,000.