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DTE Energy - Commercial New Construction Energy Efficiency Program

Federal Government
Savings Category 
Comprehensive Measures/Whole Building
Maximum Rebate 

Customer: $1,000,000 (Electricity), $300,000 (Gas)
Project: $250,000 (Electricity), $200,000 (Gas)
In addition to the incentive limits above, incentives for New Construction projects are limited to 100% of the sum of all measure costs. Internal customer labor costs cannot be included in the total project cost. Used equipment is not eligible.

Program Info
Sector Name 
DTE Energy
Program Type 
Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Prescriptive Measures: See program brochure

DTE Energy offers rebates for commercial facility new construction. Measures eligible for new construction and remodeling incentives encourage an integrated approach to incorporating energy efficiency in new construction and remodeling projects. New construction/remodeling projects must involve a facility improvement that results in isolated and measurable or verifiable electrical savings (kWh) and/or natural gas energy savings (MCF). All non-prescriptive measures must pass a Total Resource Cost (TRC) Test, as defined and calculated by DTE Energy, using energy savings and measure costs provided by the customer. A number of prescriptive rebates are also available for individual peices of equipment and measures.

New Construction/Remodeling projects require descriptions of the proposed project, all facilities that will be affected by the project, detail cost breakdown by measure, architectural drawings, building modeling analysis, and performance summary sheets. Contact DTE Energy for additional information on this program.