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Direct Lending Revolving Loan Program

Savings Category 
Solar Water Heat
Solar Photovoltaics
Wind (All)
Yes; specific technologies not identified
Wind (Small)
Other Distributed Generation Technologies
Program Info
Sector Name 
Colorado Housing Finance Authority
Program Type 
Loan Program
The Colorado Energy Office (CEO) provides financing to "eligible and extraordinary projects and companies that promote energy efficiency or renewable energy." The program is intended to fill gaps in financing opportunities and provide capital to companies and projects not capable of securing financing from the private sector.

Financing obtained through this program can be used for a wide array of projects. The Loan Committee uses a range of criteria to evaluate loan applicants and projects, including:

  • financial strength of an applicant,
  • job creation potential,
  • reduction in consumer costs,
  • energy security,
  • environmental stewardship,
  • addressing financing gaps, and
  • leveraging potential.

Borrowers interested in receiving financing through this program must first submit an application to either the CEO or the Colorado Housing Finance Authority. Potential applicants, however, are encouraged to contact the CEO before submitting an application for an initial assessment of their project.