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Concord Municipal Light Plant - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

Lighting Upgrades: $25,000
CFL Bulbs/Exit Sign Retrofits: $180 (60 bulbs or exit signs)
Appliances (Combined): $2,000

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

ETS Heating System: $100/kW installed
Lighting Upgrades: 50% of cost or up to $525/kW demand reduction
Refrigerators/Freezers: $100
Clothes Washer: $50
Room AC: $50
Dishwashers: $50
Dehumidifiers: $50
CFL Bulbs/Exit Sign Retrofits: $3

Customer Service

Concord Municipal Light Plant (CMLP) offers rebates to commercial customers for a variety of appliances, ETS heating systems, general lighting upgrades, CFL bulbs, and exit sign retrofit kits. A rebate of $3 per bulb or exit sign kit is available and will be credited to customers' accounts. General lighting upgrades to facilities are eligible for a 50% rebate worth up to $525/kW of demand reduction. See the program application form for eligible equipment and installation requirements.

Incentives are also available for electric thermal storage (ETS) units and a number of Energy Star appliances. Washing machines, room air conditioners, dishwashers, and dehumidifiers are eligible for a $50 rebate, while eligible refrigerators and freezers may receive a $100 rebate. ETS units may be eligible to receive a $100/kW installed rebate. To obtain the credit, customers should fill out the application form and mail it to CMLP along with the sales receipt and proofs of purchase. Follow all pre-approval, waste disposal and certification guidelines set forth by CMLP in order to receive rebate. Contact CMLP for more information on this program.

Other Information 

All lighting must meet qualifying levels of efficiency specified by Concord Municipal Light Plant