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Coastal Area Management Program (Alabama)

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Program Type 
Siting and Permitting
Department of Environmental Management

This program regulates coastal activities, permits required, discharges to coastal waters and siting, construction and operation of energy facilities. ADEM's Coastal Program rules include the review and permitting for the following types of activities when they are to occur within the Coastal Area: beach and dune construction projects, developments and subdivision of properties greater than five (5) acres in size, dredging and filling of state water bottoms and wetlands, the drilling and operation of groundwater wells with a capacity of 50 gpm or greater, the siting of energy facilities, and other various activities which may have an impact on coastal resources.

Implementation of the ACAMP is shared by the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources-Coastal Section and the ADEM Coastal Section. ALDCNR-Coastal Section is responsible for planning activities while the ADEM Coastal Section is responsible for permitting, monitoring and enforcement activities, as detailed in the ADEM Division 8 Coastal Programs Rules (ADEM Admin. Code R 335-8).