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Clark Public Utilities - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

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Commercial/Industrial Lighting: Up to 50% project costs
Custom Industrial Retrofit: $0.25/kWh up to 50% of cost
Custom Industrial New Construction: $0.25/kWh up to 70% of cost
Custom Commercial Retrofit: $0.20/kWh up to 50% of cost
Custom Commercial New Construction: $0.27/kWh up to 70% of cost
Green Motor Rewind: $1/HP (end user), $2/HP (service center)
EnergySmart Grocer: See program website
Heat Pumps: Up to $250/ton
Outdoor Ductless Heat Pump: $250/ton
Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats: Contact CPU for details
Compressed Air Audit: Free

Clark Public Utilities (CPU) offers a variety of energy efficiency rebates and services to help commercial and industrial customers save energy in existing and new facilities. Clark Public Utilities will send a Key Account Manager to perform a free on-site energy assessment of the facilities. Financial assistance is also available to support the completion of a compressed air audit in a customer's facility.
For the Commercial/Industrial Lighting Incentive Program (CLIP), the utility, along with independent contractors, offers a lighting audit and will provide energy efficient, short cost recovery lighting upgrades. This program is also available for new construction projects. The program will fund up to 50% of the upgrade costs.

For commercial and industrial customers that are replacing existing equipment or installing new equipment that is energy efficient, the utility offers the custom project program. Examples of eligible projects include; compressed air improvements, HVAC upgrades, VFD installations, refrigeration upgrades, and process energy system improvements.  Projects are eligible to have up to 50% of the incremental cost covered by the program. The proposals are submitted for reimbursement based on verified electrical energy savings. 

CPU offers rebates to customers for heat pump equipment upgrades or conversions in commercial buildings.  To be eligible, facilities must be existing buildings (not new construction), have less than 50,000 square feet of conditioned space, use electric heating, consume less than 600,000 kWh of electricity annually, and have a currently functioning HVAC system.  CPU's Ductless Heat Pump program encourages small commercial and industrial customers to make the switch from old baseboard and wall heaters to safer and more efficient ductless heat pumps.  To be eligible, facilities must have less than 20,000 square feet of conditioned space.  

The Green Motor Rewind Program provides a $1 per HP credit to customers who take motors to be rewound to the original nominal efficiency. Qualified motors include NEMA standard horsepower-rated motors between 15 and 5000 horsepower (either NEMA premium or other) that are rewound via certified Green Motor Practice Group member service centers.

The EnergySmart Grocer Program offers rebates on a variety of energy saving measures which may be employed by grocers and refrigerated warehouses. Rebates are available for efficient lighting, refrigeration measures, controls and motors. Rebates vary widely based on equipment type. A list of eligible equipment is available on the program web site. Contact Clark Public Utilities or visit the program web site for more information.

CPU also provides  a program which provides access to E-manager software to their customers, which can help track and identify trends and anomalies in energy usage.  Incentives for new and existing web-enabled programmable thermostats are available - contact CPU for program details.  
For more information, and specific program details, visit the web site listed above.