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Clark Public Utilities - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

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Clark Public Utilities
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Rebate Program
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Commercial/Industrial Lighting Retrofit: Up to 50% project costs
Commercial/Industrial Lighting New Construction: $0.18/kWh up to 50% project costs
Custom Industrial Retrofit: $0.25/kWh up to 50% of cost
Custom Industrial New Construction: $0.25/kWh up to 70% of cost
Custom Commercial Retrofit: $0.20/kWh up to 50% of cost
Custom Commercial New Construction: $0.27/kWh up to 70% of cost
Green Motor Rewind: $1/HP (end user), $2/HP (service center)
EnergySmart Grocer: See program website
Heat Pumps: $100 - $250/ton
Outdoor Ductless Heat Pump: $250/ton
Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats: Contact CPU for details
Compressed Air Audit: Financial assitance is available

Clark Public Utilities (CPU) offers a variety of energy efficiency rebates and services to help commercial and industrial customers save energy in existing and new facilities. Clark Public Utilities will send a Key Account Manager to perform a free on-site energy assessment of the facilities. Financial assistance is also available to support the completion of a compressed air audit in a customer's facility.
For more information, and specific program details, visit the website listed above.