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Clark County REMC - Clark County REMC - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Water Heater: $50 - $150 depending on efficiency
Central AC: $200 - $300 depending on efficiency
Heat Pumps: $300 - $400 depending on efficiency
Dual Fuel: $300 - $400
Heat Pump Replacing Electric Heat: $800 - $1,000
Geothermal Heat Pump: $1,000
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling: $30

Clark County REMC

Clark County REMC provides incentives for residential members to upgrade to more efficient household equipment. Rebates are available for air-source heat pumps, geothermal heat pumps, central air conditioning systems, water heaters, and appliance recycling. Heat pumps and air conditioners must have a SEER rating greater than or equal to 14. Customers who install an energy efficiency heat pump or central air conditioning into homes may also eligible for a free programmable thermostat. Members can also receive a $50 - $150 rebate for replacing a water heater over 5 years of age with a newer electric model, or for installing an efficient electric water heater in a new home. All rebates appear as a credit on the customer's electric bill. These rebates are limited to one per equipment type per household, and rebate requests must be submitted within 60 days of installation.

Other Information 

Central AC and Heat pumps: must have a SEER value of 14 or higher
Refrigerator/Freezer Recycling: Old unit must be in working order and between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size