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Green Power Purchasing
City of Madison

In 1999, Madison’s Metro Maintenance and Administration Facility began purchasing 25% of its electricity from Madison Gas and Electric’s wind power program. The additional cost to purchase the wind power is approximately $26,000 per year. Metro officials estimate that their wind power purchase is equivalent to running ten buses per year with no carbon monoxide emissions. In 2005, the city established a goal to increase the entire city’s electricity purchases to 10% renewable energy by 2006 and 20% renewable energy by 2010.

In March 2007, the City of Madison Common Council passed a resolution to purchase 10% of its electricity from renewable sources in 2007 and 20% by 2011. The city budget was amended to make available $17,000 for the purchase of renewable energy credits (RECs), with a stated preference for those originating in Dane and Madison counties. The Council also resolved to encourage community participation in renewable energy programs through its own Clean Energy Challenge Program, with a goal of being recognized as an EPA Green Power Partner (consumer purchases of green electricity amounting to 2% of total consumption). In 2011, the City now purchases 22% of renewable energy through the Madison Gas and Electric's Green Power Tomorrow program.

In November 2009, the City passed a resolution to join the [ Wisconsin Energy Independent Community Partnership] and become and Energy Independent Community. In joining the Partnership, the City resolved to procure 25% of the City's electricity and transportation fuels from renewable resources by 2025. According to the [ 2011 Madison Sustainability Plan], the City plans to continue increasing its purchases.