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City of Lompoc Utilities - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Lighting: Up to 30% of cost
Clothes Washer: $120
Dishwasher: $50
Refrigerator Replacement Rebate: $144

Refrigerator Buy-Back Program: $35
LED Exit Signs: $15
Custom Rebate: $0.15 per watt saved

Utility Conservation

City of Lompoc Utilities offers rebates to commercial customers for the purchase and installation of energy efficiency lighting, clothes washers, dishwashers, replaced refrigerators, new refrigerators, LED exit signs and custom rebates. All equipment must meet stated program standards. Appliances must be considered "residential" in order to be eligible for rebates. Lighting rebates are not issued until a pre and post installation inspection is performed by City staff, verifying that old lamps, ballast and or fixtures have been properly disposed of at the City of Lompoc Landfill or Hazardous Waste Disposal Facility. Replaced refrigerators must have been manufactured before 1992 and be in working order. Customers should call CLU for an application and more information on these rebates.

Other Information 

Clothes Washers and Dishwashers must be Energy Star rated
Dishwashers must be replacing a pre-1994 dish washer
Clothes Dryers and Water Heaters must be gas appliances replacing electric
Replaced Refrigerators must be in working order and manufactured before 1992