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City of Gridley Utilities - PV Buy Down Program

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Program is currently on hold

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Utility Rebate Program
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Program is currently on hold

City of Gridley Utilities

'''''Funding for this program is currently exhausted. The summary below describes incentives as they were in 2010 and 2011. Incentive levels for the next funding round are still unknown.'''''

City of Gridley is providing rebates of $2.80/W for their customers installing PV systems. Individual rebates are limited to $5,600 per system, and the utility will award a total of $41,700 in rebates per year. Systems must meet all the requirements specified in the program guidelines and interested customers can contact Efficiency Services for more information.

Other Information 

Must use CEC-certified [ PV modules] and [ inverters]
Systems must be grid-connected.
Inverters and modules must each carry a 10-year warranty.