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City of Denver - Green Building Requirement for City-Owned Buildings

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Energy Standards for Public Buildings
Greenprint Denver

Executive Order 123, signed in October 2007, established the Greenprint Denver Office and the Sustainability Policy for the city. The Sustainability Policy includes several goals and requirements meant to increase the sustainability of Denver by having the city government lead by example.

At the heart of the Sustainability Policy is the requirement for all new city-owned building projects over 5,000 square feet to achieve LEED-NC (New Construction) Silver certification and Energy Star status whenever technically and financially feasible. Additionally, major renovations that affect more than 25% of a city building’s square footage or that include major HVAC renovation, envelope modifications, and interior rehabilitation and where the building has a useful life of more than 15 years must also achieve LEED Silver and Energy Star certification. All city-owned building projects that do not fall within these qualifying parameters must meet all appropriate LEED principles but are not subjected to a certification requirement.

In addition to green building guidelines, the Executive Order also establishes a goal for the city to reduce its energy consumption by one percent annually relative to the 2006 baseline level, measured per building square foot in City facilities, and per passenger at the Denver International Airport. It also establishes water conservation, fleet efficiency, and recycling requirements for the city government, and requires the city to favor recycled and energy efficient office supplies and equipment for certain equipment types.