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Butler Rural Electric Cooperative - Residential Rebate Program (Ohio)

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Heat Pumps
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Geothermal Systems (New Installations): $1,200
Geothermal Systems (Replacement Systems): $600
Dual Fuel Heating Systems (New Installations): $600
Dual Fuel Heating Systems (Replacements): $300
Air Source Heat Pump Systems (New and Replacements): $300
Marathon Water Heaters: $350 - $550

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative, Inc.

Butler Rural Electric Cooperative provides rebates for geothermal heat pumps, dual fuel heating systems, and water heaters. A $1,200 rebate is available to residential members that install a new geothermal heat pump in eligible homes, $600 for members that replace a geothermal heat pump with a new heat pump, $600 for members that install a new dual fuel heating system (rated 14.5 SEER or better), or $300 for members that replace a dual fuel heat pump*. A $300 rebate is available to residential members that install a new or replace an air source heat pump that has an electric back-up system. Members must use an approved HVAC dealer (listed on the Cooperative's web site) to qualify for the rebates. Residential members may also receive a reduced kilowatt hour (kWh) rate between the months of September and May.

Water heater rebates are realized by customers through reduced purchase prices for Marathon water heaters that are either installed in new construction homes, or that replace a fossil fuel water heater.

Members should contact the cooperative and complete required paperwork before installing the new system to ensure eligibility. After verifying eligibility and successfully completing installation, Butler Rural Electric Cooperative will send the rebate check to the member. The Cooperative also offers loans for geothermal heat pumps as well as certain energy efficiency improvements.

''*Dual Fuel Heating Systems consists of an electric heat pump and a gas or oil furnace, which will automatically switch to increase efficiency depending on the outside temperature.''

Other Information 

Air Source and Dual Fuel Heating Systems: SEER 14.5, HSPF 8.2
Geothermal Heat Pumps: EER of 17.1 and minimum COP of 3.6