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Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation - Water Heater Rebate Program

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Heat Pumps
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Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

In-Home Energy Evaluation Program
Windows: $500
Duct Repair: $500
Rehabilitation Work: $250
HVAC Replacement: $250/unit
HVAC Tune-up: $150/unit
Insulation: $500
Water Heater and Pipe Insulation: $50
Air Sealing: $500

Energy Right Program
Standard Electric Water Heater: $300
Marathon Electric Water Heater: $400
Energy Star Homes: $400

Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation

Blue Ridge Mountain EMC and TVA, its power supplier, offer the Energy Right and In Home Energy Evaluation programs to qualified members. To qualify for water heater rebates provided by the Energy Right program, a home must be built to meet the program requirements. Homes that meet the program requirements will be all-electric and have an efficient heat pump installed. Additionally, homes which achieve a HERS score of .85 are eligible for a $400 rebate.

The In Home Energy Evaluation provides incentives for energy saving and weatherization home improvements. Households can receive up to a $500 rebate for pursuing eligible measures. Qualifying measures include window replacements, HVAC replacements and tune-ups, added insulation, duct and air sealing, and water heater insulation. Some measures can be self-installed, however, the maximum rebate for self-installed measures is $250.

Consult the Blue Ridge Mountain EMC website for more information on these programs.

Other Information 

Home should be all-electric with the exception of gas logs
Electric/Dual fuel heat pumps must be at least 13 SEER/8.2 HSPF
Energy Star Certified Homes: HERS rating of .85 or better