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Black Hills Energy (Gas) - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Maximum Rebate 

Insulation: $750
Weather-Stripping and Caulking: $200

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Energy Evaluation: Free
Clothes Washers: $100
Dishwashers: $20
Replacement Furnaces: $250 - $400
Replacement Boilers: $150 or $400
Duct Repair/Sealing: $200
Duct Insulation (R-8): $150
Insulation/Weather-Stripping/Caulking: 70% of project cost
Doors: $25 or $50
Storage/Condensing Water Heaters: $75 or $300
Tankless Water Heaters: $300
Drain Heat Recovery: $300
Multi-Zone Thermostats: $300
Integrated Space and Water Heater: $500
Programmable Thermostats: $25 or $50
Furnace/Boiler Maintenance: up to $30
Combined Service (Furnace/Boiler Maintenance and Professionally Installed Setback Thermostat): up to $100

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy offers its residential Iowa customers incentives to encourage energy efficiency in their homes. Black Hills Energy offers a free home energy evaluation to customers (both owners and renters) to determine what energy efficiency programs would be best for them. Rebates are offered for certain Energy Star appliances and thermostats; energy efficient replacement furnaces, boilers, and water heaters; and weatherization measures such as insulation up-grades and door replacements. For more details and the program applications, customers should refer to the program web site, or contact the rebate hot-line at 888-567-0799.

Other Information 

Appliances and Thermostats: Must be Energy Star rated
Clothes Washer: MEF at least 2.0, WF 6.0 or less; customer must have a natural gas water heater
Dishwasher: ENERGY STAR or qualified
Furnaces: 92% AFUE minimum
Boilers: 85% AFUE minimum
Storage Water Heaters: EF greater or equal to 0.67
Condensing Water Heaters: EF greater or equal to 0.80 or 90% TE
Integrated Space and Water Heater: 84% CAE or above
Drain Heat Recovery: Minimum standards
Multi-Zone Thermostat: Minimum standards
Doors: R-5