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Black Hills Energy (Gas) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Fed. Government
Local Government
State Government
Maximum Rebate 

Infiltration Control: $1,500
Insulation: 25,000 sq. ft.

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Set Back Thermostats: $25 - $50
Vent Damper: $125
Commercial Furnaces: $250 - $400
Boilers: $150 or $400
Food Service Equipment: $100 - $500
Storage Water Heaters: $75
Condensing/Tankless Water Heaters: $300
Insulation: The lesser of 70% of installed cost or $0.30 per sq ft.
Infiltration Control: 70% of installed cost
Doors: $25 or $50
Pool Cover: $250
Spa Cover: $50

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy offers commercial and industrial customers incentives to encourage energy efficiency in eligible businesses. Prescriptive rebates are available for furnace and boiler replacements, insulation, doors, water heater replacement, ENERGY STAR set back thermostats, commercial cooking equipment and more. Custom rebates are available for commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects not eligible in the prescriptive program, such as HVAC systems and building envelope measures. All purchased equipment must meet program efficiency and installation requirements. Customers should see the program web site for application forms and details about the rebates or call the rebate hot-line at 888-567-0799.

Other Information 

Commercial Furnaces: AFUE of 92% or higher
Boilers: AFUE of 85% or higher
Storage Water Heaters: .67 EF of higher
Condensing Water Heaters: .80 EF or higher
Condensing/Tankless Water Heaters: .82 EF or higher
Pool Cover: Must be transparent
Spa Cover: R-14 or greater
Insulation: Must be equal to or greater than R-38 (ceiling), R-21 (wall) and R-19 (floor)