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Black Hills Energy (Gas) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

Local Government
State Government
Maximum Rebate 

General: Contact Black Hills Energy; Rebates over $10,000 must be pre-approved
Ceiling/Wall Insulation: $10,000
Infiltration Control: $1,500
Energy Evaluations: $1500
Custom: 50% of incremental cost

Program Info
Start Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

New Construction: $0.60 - $1.90/therm
Design Team Incentive: Up to $13,000
Set Back Thermostats: $25-$50
Vent Dampers (For Natural Gas Boilers): $125
Furnaces: $325-$400
Boilers: $150 or $400
Cooking Equipment: $100 - $500
Storage Water Heater: $75
Condensing or Tankless Water Heater: $300
Ceiling/Wall Insulation: $0.30/sq ft or 70% of cost
Weather Stripping (Infiltration Control): 70% of cost
Doors: $25/door
Pool Cover: $250
Spa Cover: $50
Evaluations: Varies
Custom: Varies

Black Hills Energy (Gas)

Black Hills Energy offers multiple programs for Colorado commercial and industrial customers to save natural gas in eligible facilities. The commercial prescriptive rebate program provides standardized, predetermined rebates to commercial customers that install or upgrade energy efficient equipment recommended by an energy evaluation. Black Hills Energy also offers the custom rebate program to commercial and industrial customers for projects that reduce energy usage. All custom incentives are calculated based upon energy savings above the program standard. Additionally, new construction incentives are available for new buildings which incorporate efficient design techniques and equipment. Contact the utility for more information on these offerings.

Other Information 

Furnaces: AFUE of 94% or higher
Boilers: AFUE of 85% or higher
Water Heaters: .67 EF of higher
Condensing Water Heaters: .80 EF or higher
Tankless Water Heaters: .82 EF or higher
Pool Cover: Must be transparent
Spa Cover: R-14 or greater