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Black Hills Energy (Electric) - Commercial Energy Efficiency Program

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Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

All Incentives: 50% of equipment and labor cost
Custom: 50% of the incremental cost

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Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

T8/T5 Fluorescent Fixtures: $4-$18/system
High-Bay Fluorescent Fixtures: $40-$125/fixture
Hardwired/Modular/Industrial Multi-CFL Fixtures: 8 - $25/fixture
Pendant/Wall Mount/Recessed Indirect Fixtures: $24/4 ft. section
Ceramic Metal Halide Fixtures: $17-$45/fixture
Pulse-Start Metal Halide Fixtures: $25-65/fixture
Lighting Sensors: $12-$35/controls
LED/LEC Exit Signs: $6
Interior LED Lamps: $10-$25
LED Replacement of Linear Fluorescent Lamps: $25-$35/lamp
A/C Systems: $73-$92/ton
Variable Frequency Drives: $30/hp
Water Source Heat Pump Systems: $64/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump (replacement): $70/ton
Geothermal Heat Pump (new installation): $480/ton
Evaporative Coolers: $200-$500/unit
Chillers: $5-$20/ton + $2-$8/ton for each 0.1 kW/ton below minimum criteria
Motors: $10-$600/motor
Custom: $0.30/kWh savings
Non-Profit Energy Evaluation: $750/facility; $1500/customer
Retro-commissioning: 50%
New Construction Incentive: Contact Black Hills Energy
Design Team Incentive: $2000-$13,000
Small Business Direct Install Lighting: Up to 60% of cost for businesses with an average KW demand of 350kW or less per year

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy offers multiple programs for its Colorado commercial and industrial customers to save electricity in their facilities. The commercial prescriptive rebate program provides standardized predetermined rebates to commercial customers that install or upgrade energy efficient equipment recommended by an energy evaluation. Eligible incentives include HVAC, motors, lighting and new construction.

Black Hills Energy also offers the custom rebate program to commercial and industrial customers for projects that reduce energy usage. Eligible projects include chillers, unitary HVAC equipment, refrigeration, and other energy saving measures not covered under the commercial prescriptive rebate program. The program allows the utility to either buy down the upgrades to a two-year payback or pay up to one-half of the incremental cost of the equipment. Contact the utility for more information on the custom program.

Other Information 

See program web site