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Atmos Energy - Residential Natural Gas and Weatherization Efficiency Program

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Comprehensive Upgrades (Energize Homes): Up to $5,00
Furnace: $200-$300
Boiler: $200-$300
Combination Boiler/Water Heater: $450
Storage Water Heater: $50-$125
Tankless/Condensing Water Heater: $200
Programmable Thermostat $25

Energy Federation Incorporated

'''As of August 1, 2012, Missouri energy efficiency programs are offered by Liberty Utilities.'''

Atmos Energy provides rebates for residential natural gas heating equipment through the Missouri High Efficiency Rebate Program. When Atmos Receives the High-Efficiency Rebate Installation and Verification Form with a customer's Atmos Energy account number, recent Atmos Energy utility bills, and dated purchase receipts/proof of installation for the eligible equipment, they will issue a check within 10 weeks. Additionally, comprehensive upgrades to homes are eligible for incentive payments of up to $5,000. Prior to any upgrades, a home energy audit must be scheduled with a qualified auditor who will recommend necessary upgrades and improvements. Rebate amounts will vary based upon the amount of work needed in a residence. Forms and authorized dealers can be found on the web site above.

Other Information 

Forced Air Furnace: 92% AFUE or greater on a system of 30,000 BTUs or greater
Boiler: 85% AFUE or greater on a system of 30,000 BTUs or greater
High Efficiency Tank: 0.62 EF or greater on a 40 gallon tank or greater
Tankless Model: 0.82 EF or greater