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Application Filing Requirements for Wind-Powered Electric Generation Facilities (Ohio)

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Rural Electric Cooperative
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Siting and Permitting
Ohio Power Siting Board

Chapter 4906-17 of the Ohio Administrative Code states the Application Filing Requirements for wind-powered electric generating facilities in Ohio. The information requested in this rule shall be used to assess the environmental effects of the proposed facility.

An applicant for a certificate to site a wind-powered electric generation facility shall provide a project summary and overview of the proposed project. In general, the summary should be suitable as a reference for state and local governments and for the public.

The applicant shall conduct a project area site selection study prior to submitting an application for a wind-powered electric generation facility. The study shall be designed to evaluate all practicable project area sites for the proposed facility. Information on the location, major features, and the topographic, geologic, and hydrologic suitability of the proposed project area site and any proposed alternative project area site(s) shall be submitted by the applicant.

For detailed requirements for the project summary and siting study, please see: