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Anaheim Public Utilities - Small Business Energy Management Assistance Program

Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

T8 Fluorescent lights, electronic ballasts and controls: 5,000
Programmable thermostats: 800

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

T8 Fluorescent lights, electronic ballasts and controls: 75% of the cost
Refrigeration and A/C tune-up: free
Programmable thermostats: free
Expert energy survey: free

Anaheim Public Utilities

The Small Business Energy Management System Program provides participating customers with free electrical energy use evaluations, retrofit funding, and installation assistance. Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) provides an energy efficiency incentive to its small business customers, generally defined as privately owned and having a monthly peak demand of less than 50 kW. Upon request, Anaheim Public Utilities will conduct a free on-site energy use survey and recommend energy efficient measures and technologies to reduce the energy consumption. APU will assist in replacing old equipment with energy efficient equipment, including:

replacing old T12 fluorescent lights with new T8 lamps, electronic ballasts, and lighting controls, paying 75 percent of the installed cost, up to $5,000, per metered account
replacing out-of-date thermostats with new programmable setback models – up to four per metered account
inspecting and tuning up your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment
More information, including additional contact information may be found at the web site listed above or by calling (714) 765-4259 to confirm eligibility or to sign up for a no-cost energy survey by an Anaheim Public Utilities representative.

Other Information 

Eligible small businesses must be privately owned (sole proprietorships, partnerships, small corporations, or independent franchise operators), receive electricity from Anaheim Public Utilities at Electric Rate GS-1 A or B (Rates 13, 14 or 19), and have a monthly peak demand of less than 50 kW. The entire facility housing an eligible business entity must qualify as a small business. Finally, qualifying customer accounts must be current and non-delinquent.