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Anaheim Public Utilities - Residential Home Efficiency Rebate Program

Low-Income Residential
Multi-Family Residential
Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

Air Duct Repair: $300
Ceiling Fan: 3 fans

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Refrigerator: $50

Refrigerator Recycling: $50
Dishwasher: $50
Room A/C: $50
Central A/C: $100/ton
High Performance windows: $1/sq ft
Air Duct Repair: 50% of repair cost
Ceiling Fan: $20
Whole House Fan: $100
Attic Fan: $30
Pool Pump Motor: $100
Shade Trees: up to 6 trees free
CFL Bulbs: up to 5 for free
Dusk to Dawn Light: free

Rebate Processing Center

Upon request, Anaheim Public Utilities will perform a free home efficiency inspection, in which they will recommend energy saving improvements, rebates and provide some free energy saving devices. A full description of the rules and links to the application form are available here. Energy efficient programs and incentives offered by APU include:

*Home utility Check Up
*Refrigerator recycling
*Appliance Rebates
*Air Conditioning Rebates
*Water and Energy education programs

Customers may view the brochure to see rebate amounts and equipment requirements. In addition to the appliance and improvement rebates, APU also offers free energy-efficient lights to all its residential customers. Low-income residents may qualify for a free installation.

Customers are also eligible for a range of water saving devices such as rotating nozzles and efficient toilets. Contact Anaheim Public Utilities for more information on all rebate offerings.

Other Information 

All appliances must meet Energy Star requirements
Air Duct Repair: Must have central electric heating or cooling
Whole House Fan: Must be permanently mounted in attic
Attic Fan: Permanently mounted on roof or in attic
Pool pump Motor: Must be listed High Efficiency by manufacturer