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Anaheim Public Utilities - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Programs

Multi-Family Residential
Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Heat Pump Incentives: $50,000 per meter, per project or 50% of cost
Lighting Incentives: $50,000 per meter, per project or 50% of cost
Efficient Exit Sign Program: $10,000 per project

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Audit: Free
Feasibility Study: Up to $15,000
Custom/Other: $.075 per kWh or $200 per kW peak demand reduction
Lighting: $.075 per kWh or $200 per kW peak demand reduction
Efficient Exit Sign Program: 50% of the installed cost or $30 per fixture
Heat Pump Incentives: $75 - $300 per ton
Motors: $35 - $1260
Tree Power Program: Free shade trees

Anaheim Public Utilities

Anaheim Public Utilities (APU) offers several Business Efficiency Incentives Programs to commercial facilities interested in energy efficiency. Eligible businesses may apply for rebates for efficient lighting, heat pumps, exit signs and various custom measures. Contact APU to learn more about initiating the rebate application process. Incentives are available for the following measures:

Customized Energy Incentives
Lighting Incentives Program
Heat Pump Incentives
Efficient Exit Sign Program
Economic Development/Business Retention Incentive Rate

Contact APU or view the program web site for more equipment and eligibility information.

Other Information 

Heat Pumps: SEER 14 minimum