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Ameren Illinois - Lighting Rebates for Businesses

Fed. Government
Local Government
Multi-Family Residential
State Government
Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

Incentives $1-$200,000: paid at 100%
Incentives $200,000- $600,000: paid at 50%

Program Info
Funding Source 

Illinois Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) surcharge

Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Fluorescent U-Bend Relamp and Reballast: $0.25/watt reduced
T12 to T8 Relamp and Reballast: $0.25/watt reduced
T12 to T5 Fluorescent Fixture: $0.25/watt reduced
T8 to reduced wattage T8 or T5 Relamp and Reballast: $0.40/watt reduced
Exterior Lighting: $0.40/watt reduced
T12 to High Performance T8 Fixture (with or without reflector): $0.25/watt reduced
Recessed or Surface-Mounted T5 or T8 Fluorescent Fixture: $0.25/watt reduced
Interior LED Lamps and Fixtures: $0.40/watt reduced
Permanent Fixture or Lamp Removal: $0.10/watt reduced
Fixture Mounted Occupancy Sensors for Fluorescent or LED Systems: $30/control
Remote Mounted Occupancy Sensors: $30/control
Wall Switch Plate Mounted Occupancy Sensors: $30/control
Controls for H.I.D. Systems: $40/control
LED, T-1, or Electroluminescent Exit Sign: $20/sign
Low Wattage Occupancy Sensors or Daylight Dimming Controls: $5/control
LED Lamps Replacing Incandescent or Halogen Lamps: $0.40/watt reduced
LED Exit Sign Retro-fit Kit (6W or less): $10/kit
LED Recessed Down Lamps Replacing Incandescent or Halogen Lamps: $0.40/watt reduced
Hard-Wired CFL Fixtures: $0.40/watt reduced
Highbay Fixture Replacement: $0.40/watt reduced
Glass Door LED Cooler/Freezer Lighting: $0.40/watt reduced
Glass Door LED Cooler/Freezer Lighting Controls and Sensors: $12/sensor
CFL Lamps through the Online Store: See Online Store

Ameren Illinois Utilities

Ameren Illinois offers their non-residential Illinois customers a wide range of incentives for the installation of lighting improvements. Customers must review all equipment requirements to ensure eligibility. View the program web site for all incentives and requirements.

Multifamily structures are eligible for increased incentives through the Multifamily Common Area Lighting Program.

Other Information 

Vary by measure