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Ameren Illinois (Electric) - Commercial Kitchen and Grocery Incentives Program

Fed. Government
Local Government
Retail Supplier
State Government
Savings Category 
Maximum Rebate 

Incentives $1-$200,000: paid at 100%
Incentives $200,000-$600,000: paid at 50%

Program Info
Expiration Date 


Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Steamers: $300-$450
Hot Holding Cabinet: $200-$500
Griddle: $40/ln. ft. (width)
Automatic Door Closer for Walk-In Freezer: $30/closer
Automatic Door Closer for Display Case: $30/closer
Freezers: $35-$500
Evaporative Fan Controls: $60/motor
LED Cooler/Freezer Lighting: $25/door
Strip Curtains for Walk-in Freezers: $30/cooler; $100/freezer
Anti-Sweat Heater Control: $80/door
EC Motor for Walk-in/Reach-in Freezer or Cooler: $25 - $35/motor
Energy Star Vending Machine: $100/unit
Beverage Machine Controls: $100/unit
Snack Machine Control: $30
Refrigeration Tune-up: $20/hp for self-contained; $20/ton for all other; or up to 50% of service cost
Night Curtains for Open Coolers: $7/linear ft.
Auto Closers for Cooler/Freezer Doors: $30/closer
High Efficiency Ice Makers: $100-$350
Dishwashers: $400-$1500

Ameren offers several programs targeted at grocery stores, convenience stores, refrigerated warehouses or spaces, and commercial kitchens. These programs are designed to improve the energy efficiency of lighting, controls, motor, and refrigeration equipment used in these facilities.

The Grocery/Convenience Store Incentive Program and the Refrigeration Incentive Program offer rebates and incentives on refrigerator/freezer lighting and controls, night curtains, automatic door closers, efficient door gaskets and refrigerator and freezer tune-ups. Customers on Rates DS-2, DS-3, DS-4, or DS-5 are eligible for these incentives. Several Refrigeration Incentives may be found on the Grocery/Convenience Store Application as well. See program web site and application forms for guidelines and eligibility. Customers must receive pre-approval from Ameren in order to start project.