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Allegheny Power - Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Heat Pumps
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Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

'''Non-Standard Lighting'''
Interior/Exterior Lighting: $0.05/kwh saved in first year
Hard-Wired CFL Fixture: $25
Screw-In CFL Fixture: $1
LED Exit Sign: $25
Lighting Controls: $25/sensor

'''Standard Lighting'''
T8/T5 Fixtures (Replacements): $10 - $65/fixture
Permanent Delamping with T8/T5 Replacements: $35/fixture
LED Lamps (Replacement): $25 - $30/lamp
LED Fixtures (Replacement): $25 - $250/fixture
CFL Fixtures (Replacement): $35/fixture
CFL Lamps (Replacement): $1/fixture
Occupancy Sensors/Controls: $25 - $75/unit
Traffic Signals (Municipal): $35

'''Other Technologies'''
Air Conditioner: $100/ton
Chillers: $15 - $25/ton
Hotel Room HVAC Controls: $70 - $80/room
Variable Frequency Drives: $45/tons
HVAC Maintenance: $75/room
Dual Enthalpy Economizer Controls: $200/unit
Heat Pump Water Heaters: $200/unit
Water Heaters: $50/unit
Food Service Equipment: Contact Utility
Custom: $0.05/kWh saved


FirstEnergy company Potomac Edison offers rebates to eligible commercial and industrial customers in Maryland service territory who are interested in upgrading to efficient equipment. Rebates are available on lighting, controls, sensors, traffic signals, exit signs, heat pumps, air conditioners, chillers, variable frequency drives, food service equipment and custom measures. Contact Potomac Edison or SAIC for information on maximum allowable incentive payments and other requirements. All appropriate forms, requirements and guidelines for equipment may be found on the program web site listed above. All application forms must be filled out completely along with all necessary purchase documentation. Contact your utility for other information regarding this program.

Other Information 

HVAC: See application form
VFD's: See application form
Lighting: See application form
Water Heaters: EF 0.95 or greater to qualify
Heat Pump Water Heaters: EF 2.0 or greater to qualify