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Alameda Municipal Power - Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Low-Income Residential
Multi-Family Residential
Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Grant Program
Rebate Amount 

Refrigerator Replacement: Up to $100
Second Refrigerator Pickup: $35
CFLs: 3 free replacement bulbs
Motors: $0.18/per kWh saved
Lighting: $0.20/per kWh saved
HVAC: $0.22/per kWh saved
Refrigeration: $0.22/per kWh saved

Alameda Municipal Power

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) has multiple program in place to help encourage its customers to adopt energy efficient equipment and practices in their homes.  The first of these initiatives is a refrigerator recycling program through which customers can purchase a refrigerator that has the "Energy Star" label (refrigerators smaller than 14 cubic feet do not qualify), and then mail a completed [ Refrigerator Rebate and Recycling Program Application] and a copy of the sales receipt to the Alameda Municipal Power to receive a $100 rebate. Participants should call the AMP Rebate Program at 866-964-7346 to arrange for refrigerator pick-up and recycling by AMP's approved recycling service. An additional $35 rebate is available for the proper recycling of a household's second, working refrigerator.

AMP also provides incentives for residential customers to make the switch to more efficiency lighting. Customers can bring in three old incandescent light bulbs and swap them for three new energy efficient compact flourescent bulbs.  A more indepth rebate program is also available to residential customers to help save money and energy on not just lighting, but on motors, water heaters, HVAC, and refrigeration as well. AMP's Advanced Technologies Rebate Program provides rebates per kilowatt-hour saved by the installation of more efficient appliances and equipment.

Visit the program website for specific program information and requirements.

Other Information 

Purchase of a 14 cubic feet capacity ENERGY STAR refrigerator