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Alameda Municipal Power - Residential Energy Efficiency Program

Low-Income Residential
Multi-Family Residential
Maximum Rebate 

Single family, duplex, or triplex: $960 per unit

Multi-family dwelling (four or more units): $480 per unit.

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Grant Program
Rebate Amount 

Weatherization: 80% of the cost
Do-It-Yourself Weatherization: 70% of the cost

Alameda Municipal Power

Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) offers a grant to help its residential customers who have electric heat weatherize homes to increase efficiency. To participate, customers must complete and send in a [ Weatherization Cash Grant Application Form] with landlord signature if applicant is a tenant. A pre-installation audit is required. Customers may call any contractor with a City of Alameda Business License to get an itemized bid. The completed project must be inspected by AMP and a copy of the paid invoice provided to AMP. AMP will then pay the contractor 80% of the cost up to $960 per single family unit or $480 per multifamily unit. The contractor will bill the customer or the landlord for the remaining 20%. All insulation and equipment requirements must be met in order to be eligible. AMP will also cover up to 70% of the project cost for customers who personally weatherize homes. Information for the Do-It-Yourself Weatherization Program is on the program web site listed above. Contact AMP regarding equipment and insulation requirements.

Other Information 

The primary source of heat must be permanently installed electric heat (at least 70%)
All work must be approved by AMP and meet safety and quality guidelines.