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Alameda Municipal Power - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Maximum Rebate 

Contact utility regarding maximum incentive amounts

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Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Custom Rebates (Motors): $0.09/kWh
Custom Rebates (Lighting): $0.15/kWh

Custom Rebates (HVAC, Refrigeration, Networks): $0.11/kWh
HVAC System: 50% of the difference in cost between Title 24 required minimum efficiency and the high efficiency equipment
Variable Frequency Drives: $80/controlled horsepower
Reflective Window Film: $1.35/sq ft
Advanced Technologies (Motors): $0.18/kWh
Advanced Technologies (LED Lighting, Water Heaters): $0.20/kWh

Advanced Technologies (HVAC, Refrigeration): $0.22/kWh

Alameda Municipal Power

Alameda Power and Telecom offers financial incentives for its commercial customers to install a range of energy efficient equipment and measures. HVAC rebates include efficient variable frequency drives, air conditioners and heat pumps. Custom rebates based on kWh savings are available for motors, lighting, HVAC, refrigeration, and computer systems. Higher per kWh rebates are offered for equipment qualifying as "advanced technology."

To qualify for incentives, customers must first fill out the application forms available on the program web site, and schedule a pre-installation inspection. Alameda Power and Telecom will then award the rebate once they receive the proofs of purchase and conduct a post-installation inspection. The incentives vary according to the type and efficiency of the equipment installed, and the type and efficiency of the equipment being replaced. Full details and rebate schedule are available on the application forms. For more information visit the program web site or contact the utility directly.

Other Information 

Windows with northern exposure do not qualify for rebates