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AEP Ohio - Commercial Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

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Local Government
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Savings Category 
Heat Pumps
Maximum Rebate 

Small Business Express Approved Technologies: up to 100% of cost
General Service Tariffs 1, 2 and 3: $600,000 per year
General Service Tariff 4: $600,000 overall for years 2012-2014
Central Energy Management Controls: $10,000/facility

Program Info
Program Type 
Utility Rebate Program
Rebate Amount 

Custom: $0.08/kWh first year savings and $100/peak kW reduction
Small Business Direct-Install: Up to 100% of cost
Lighting: Varies
Unitary and Split AC/Heat Pumps: $20 - $35/ton
Package Terminal AC/Heat Pumps: $30/ton
Chillers (Water Cooled): $20/ton
Chillers (Air Cooled): $30/ton
Room AC: $30/ton
Hotel Room Occupancy Sensor: $25 or $65
Solid/Glass Door Freezer: $150 - $400
EC Motor for Cooler/Refrigerator/Freezer: $35 - $50
Evaporator Fan Controls: $60
Ice Makers: $100 - $150
Combination Ovens: $1500
Steam Cookers: $400
Hot Holding Cabinet: $300
Snack/Beverage Machine Controls: $30 - $100
Refrigerated Vending Machine: $150
Plug Load Occupancy Sensors: $20
Central Energy Management Controls: $0.20/sq ft of conditioned space
Air Side Economizers and RTU's: $25/ton
Bathroom Occupancy Sensor: $5/Fan
Window Film: $0.10/sq ft
Motors: $8 - $475
Miscellaneous Compressed Air Equipment: Varies
Agricultural Equipment: Varies
Variable Frequency Drives (Pump/Fan Motor): $60/HP
Variable Frequency Drives (Compressor): $100/HP
Variable Frequency Drives (Chillers): $30/HP
Variable Frequency Drives (Exhaust Fan): $300 - $400
Small Business Express Facility Assessment: Free

AEP Ohio

AEP Ohio offers commercial customers incentives to upgrade equipment in eligible facilities to more energy efficient models. The program is open to all non-residential customers of AEP Ohio. Incentives are offered on a prescriptive and custom basis. Eligible prescriptive equipment includes heat pumps, air conditioners, exhaust equipment, energy management systems, occupancy sensors, chillers, variable speed drives, motors, refrigeration equipment, food service equipment, window film and agricultural equipment. Custom measures may include certain efficient equipment or processes that are not available under the prescriptive program. Custom incentives are $0.08/kWh first year savings and $100/first year peak kW reduction. Visit the program web site for additional qualifications and application information.

Small businesses, below 200,000 kWh annually, are eligible for incentives as well through the AEP Express program. After an energy assessment, AEP approves a proposal with the customer to install recommended equipment, including Indoor and outdoor lighting retrofits, occupancy sensors, refrigeration controls and other technologies. A variety of incentives are eligible for such projects, which will reduce the cost of implementation for the building owner. The AEP Ohio Express Program is part of the gridSMART initiative offered to help residential and commercial customers use less energy.

*Ohio passed its Energy Efficiency Standards May 2008 (SB 221) requiring utilities to implement energy efficiency programs that achieve over 22% energy savings by 2025 (with incremental benchmark savings required each year). The same bill established Ohio's Alternative Energy Resource Standard (AERS) requiring that 25% of the total number of kilowatt hours of electricity sold to customers come from renewable and alternative energy resources, including efficiency. See DSIRE's AERS record for more information.

Other Information 

Equipment must be new
Eligible lamps and ballasts are listed on the Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) website