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PARS IIe Account Request

The account access process for PARS IIe relies on the Department of Energy's iManage system to verify the requestor's identity and to approve his/her request for access to a specific DOE Headquarters system, such as PARS IIe. Upon obtaining access to iManage Employee Self Service (ESS) system, PARS II login can be requested and the PARS IIe Help Desk Administrator will assign a new PARS IIe account to the requestor. Please follow the steps listed below to apply for a PARS IIe User Account.

Step 1:

If the federal employee or contractor does not already have an account with the Department of Energy's iManage ESS system, then the requestor must apply for an account and be approved by a local federal sponsor. To accomplish this, the requestor should click on this link: MIS Application Gateway and then select the "Request Access" menu option, enter profile information on the form, and wait for approval from the federal sponsor.

Step 2:

Once the requestor has received an account to access the MIS Application Gateway then he/she must login to the DOE ESS system ( and select "Application Access Request" option under the "Services" menu in the left navigation bar.  Upon confirming locality and contact information continue on to select PARS II from the list of available applications and provide the following information in PARS II application request from:

  • Update contact information (address, phone, etc);
  • Select a federal sponsor for approval (Program Office point of contact);
  • Select the appropriate PARS II Group Role;
  • Enter PARS IIe Project Number(s) (if applicable);
  • Enter a business reason for using PARS IIe;
  • Read and electronically sign the Rules of Behavior
Step 3:

The request for a PARS IIe account is reviewed by an approving official and by an authorizing official and, if approved and authorized, the new PARS IIs account will be created and relevant information will be sent to the requestor.

Questions about using the MIS Application Gateway or iManage Employee Self Service (ESS) should be directed to or by calling 301-903-0605 between the hours of 7:30AM  and 4:00PM EST, Monday through Friday.


I cannot access DOE ESS

DOE ESS system can only be accessed from inside DOE Network (DOENET). Please make sure you are logged in to DOENET prior to attempting access to DOE ESS.

Who is my Federal Sponsor?

Federal sponsor is the Federal employee with authority and ability to authorize and verify user identity. They are usually Federal Managers at the sites or Office Managers at Headquarters.

How do I know that my Access Request has been approved

DOE ESS and PARS IIe systems both use email address submitted on the request form to communicate with the user. All users should ensure that they use active and valid email address when submitting access requests.