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External Independent Review (EIR) Scoping Meeting Agreement Form

Under DOE O 413.3B, Program and Project Management for the Acquisition of Capital Assets, the Office of Acquisition and Project Management (OAPM) must perform a Performance Baseline External Independent Review (EIR) prior to Critical Decision (CD) 2, and a Construction/Execution Readiness EIR for all Major System projects prior to CD-3.  The EIR Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) discuss all elements of EIRs including review scope, review process, Corrective Action Plans, and OAPM’s Performance Baseline Validation Process.  The intent of the SOP is to make clear the OAPM expectations for both the CD-2 and CD-3 EIR, and thereby facilitate the project planning process. In particular, OAPM expects that the Scope of Review and Required Documentation sections will be very helpful to Programs/Projects in their preparation for External Independent Reviews.