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ESAAB Standard Operating Procedure - July 2014


To establish consistent ESAAB processes and procedures to facilitate informed, objective, and documented strategic and major system critical decisions and baseline change proposals for all new missions.

To assist Programs and Project Teams in scheduling and preparing for ESAAB meetings.


This SOP should be used when scheduling and preparing for a Secretarial Acquisition Executive (SAE) ESAAB to facilitate the ESAAB decision-making process. This SOP also outlines when to consider using a streamlined ESAAB process.

Similar decision procedures may be applied to non-Major System Projects. These procedures should be individually tailored by the designated Acquisition Executive (AE) to the size and complexity of the project.

This SOP does NOT impose new requirements or constitute Department policy. Nor is this SOP intended to modify the ESAAB process delineated in DOE Orders or policy memorandums.