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Small Business Services

Welcome to the Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization (OSDBU)

The OSDBU advocates putting small business first in government contracting.  In doing so, the OSDBU establish goals, promulgates policy, and develops practices and programs to encourage and increase small business participation in prime and subcontracting throughout the Department.  Small business utilization at DOE helps drive the mission forward every day. 

Putting small business first requires an all hands on deck approach. The OSDBU works directly with DOE program elements, field offices, facility management contractors and laboratories to provide beneficial services to small businesses. The services provided include:

Directing small businesses to opportunities and resources,

Educating small businesses on how to navigate DOE,

Connecting small businesses to the buyers in DOE program, field, laboratories and contracting offices,

Keeping small businesses up to date with OSDBU, programs, training and outreach events.