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Cleanup Progress Report - 2012

In this issue, learn about EM’s accomplishments in 2012 across the Oak Ridge Reservation. There are many more stories contained within the issue, but here are some of the highlights from each site.

East Tennessee Technology Park
  K-25 Building demolition continues
  DOE selects commemoration options for K-25
  Closure activities continue for TSCA Incinerator

Oak Ridge National Laboratory
  Contaminated Tank W-1A and soil removed
  Isotope Row material removed
  Several unneeded ORNL facilities demolished

Y-12 National Security Complex
  Old Salvage Yard soil characterized, disposed
  Mercury reduction, characterization, and planning efforts under way
  Beta 3 disposition work completed

Waste Management
  Planning under way for new on-site disposal facility
  Uncontaminated sites identified for removal from National Priorities List
  TRU Waste Processing Center treating waste for disposal