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Technology Transfer Ombudsman Program

The Technology Transfer Commercialization Act of 2000, Public Law 106-404 (PDF) was enacted in November 2000.  Pursuant to Section 11, Technology Partnerships Ombudsman, each DOE national laboratory and research facility has appointed a technology partnership ombudsman (ombuds).  The role of the ombuds is prevention and early resolution of disputes between the lab and inventors or private companies over technology transfer issues such as infringement, intellectual property rights, royalties and licensing, etc.

The Director, Office of Conflict Prevention and Resolution, coordinates this program and compiles data for quarterly reports. See the Department of Energy Technology Transfer Ombuds (PDF).

Also, see information on the Technology Transfer Coordinator created by the Energy Policy Act of 2005, Title X, (Public Law 109-58), pages 334 through 345 of the PDF version.

Attached is the letter from the DOE Technology Transfer Coordinator to Lab and Facility Directors dated May 13, 2010 to support and promote the technology transfer partnership ombudsman.

In FY 2011, the Office of Conflict Prevention and Resolution worked with the DOE Technology Transfer Coordinator and the TTOs to develop the attached “Roles and Responsibilities” document to assist newly appointed TTOs in performing their TTO function. 

Ombuds: "A Guide for Federal Employee Ombuds: A Supplement to and Annotation of the Standards for the Establishment and Operations of Ombuds Offices Issued by the American Bar Association" May 9, 2006
Guide issued by the Coalition of Federal Ombudsmen and the Federal Interagency ADR Working Group Steering Committee.