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TSO-1001 - In the Matter of Personnel Security Hearing

The individual is employed by a Department of Energy (DOE) contractor and has held a security clearance at the request of his employer since 2008. In August 2010, the individual tested positive for alcohol during an employment-related screening. He admitted consuming 10-12 beers the night before the test. The local security office (LSO) conducted a personnel security interview (PSI) with the individual in October 2010, wherein he admitted consuming at least one six-pack of beer nightly for the previous four years. The PSI did not resolve the security concerns regarding his alcohol use and the individual agreed to be evaluated by a DOE consultant-psychiatrist. In November 2010, a DOE consultant-psychiatrist (DOE psychiatrist) interviewed the individual and concluded that the individual met the criteria for alcohol dependence in early remission without adequate evidence of rehabilitation or reformation. He also concluded that alcohol dependence is an illness which causes or may cause a significant defect in his judgment or reliability. The LSO suspended the individual’s access authorization and then informed the individual how to proceed to resolve the derogatory information that had created a doubt regarding his eligibility for access authorization.